How Our Legal Client Grew their Business with the V2M2 Group

Our Family Law Client went from just a website to a leading firm online.

The Strategic Focus of the V2M2 Group

At the V2M2 Group we have proven that when all marketing mediums work in tandem with one another, clients grow not only in exposure, but revenue as well. This is the best strategy to implement in order to maximize Your Company's Year-over-Year return. A marketing strategy is created much like a home.

  • Market Research: The initial market research can be described as the plot of land (what you build the home upon).
  • SEO: Next, is your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is the foundation of which you build the frame and structure of the marketing strategy.
  • Website Design & Management: Following SEO is the Company website, which houses all the need to know information about Your Company (informs users and has a ranked value on the internet; much like real estate).
  • Social Media: Now, your outward presence, such as brickwork and property decoration, is depicted by your Social Media (provides a unique look that entices users to come into the home).
  • Content: The Content Strategy is literally everything about the house and though may not get much recognition, it is extremely important in the grand scheme of things.
  • Advocacy: Then, we have Advocacy Marketing which is comprised of strategic relationships and partnerships which are going to be great support systems that help Your Company grow much faster (think utilities, maintenance, and personal supporters).
  • Analytics: Finally, we have Analytics which tells Your Company everything that is going on within its digital sphere of influence (Think of the atmosphere within the household and the day-to-day activities)

When you think about, it makes sense with just about everything that you need a strong, impenetrable plan to keep things operating smoothly and effectively long-term. Not a bunch of broken pieces being glued together.


The Challenge

Make a legal practice stand out in a crowded market

Increase Visibility and Presence

There are a lot of law practices in Illinois, and particularly, a lot of family law practices. With only a website and no social media presence we had to build their strategy from the ground up.


The Solution

Create a long term and fully-integrated strategy that would compound over time.

Differentiation and Results

Our client needed to drive more traffic to their website and increase their number of prospective clients. They only had a presence with a website and print ads. There was no SEO or social media strategy in place. We believed that a strong social media strategy would complement an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy and create dual streams of lead generation; one from new followers on social platforms and another stream from increased Google rankings.


Increase traffic to the website

Cultivate a community of advocates through social media

Grow the email subscriber list and pre-qualify clients

Establish our client as a thought leader

Improve the functionality of the website

Update Services, Staff Registry, and Back-end SEO


The Results

An increase in website traffic, social media presence, and overall rankings for key search terms.

21498.16% Return on Marketing Investment

Our client had 1154 actions taken over the course of 10 months. Actions are defined as asking for directions, website clicks and phone calls. We took the average CLV (customer lifetime value) and the average conversion rates combined for all actions to calculate the ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment). This resulted in an ROI of 21498% and an annualized ROI of 64845%. (Clearly, we were not pricing ourselves accordingly!)

We deliver such a high ROI because our business model allows us to charge about 20% less than most similar digital marketing agencies, while still delivering amazing results.


These Results Were Gained Without Paid Advertisements

Our client has not paid a dime in Google ads or Facebook ads. All results were gained organically.

Top Rankings and Traffic

At the time of this case study, our client's Google rankings increased significantly. They have garnered over 221 keywords on the first page of Google and Bing combined.

This is a snapshot showing both Google and Bing rankings week after week. Additionally, our client has numerous Google Maps #1 rankings.

Social Media:

Above you will note a recent snapshot of our client's progress on social media. This graph shows growth over the past 30 days for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in that order.

What makes these numbers even more remarkable, is that they were achieved organically, meaning not a single dollar was spent on ads or boosts. Organic results have been proven to have more staying power than paid advertising.

Website Traffic:

Virtually all metrics for the past 30 days have been in the green. Goal conversions are measure by the number of people visiting the Contact Us page and also by call tracking. To date, the client has had over 20 phone calls from social media alone.

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