How Our Manufacturing Client Grew their Business with the V2M2 Group

We helped Manner Plating grow their social media presence through a combination of targeted search terms and a long-term content marketing strategy.

The Strategic Focus of the V2M2 Group

At the V2M2 Group we have proven that when all marketing mediums work in tandem with one another, clients grow not only in exposure, but revenue as well. This is the best strategy to implement in order to maximize Your Company's Year-over-Year return. A marketing strategy is created much like a home.

  • Market Research: The initial market research can be described as the plot of land (what you build the home upon).
  • SEO: Next, is your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is the foundation of which you build the frame and structure of the marketing strategy.
  • Website Design & Management: Following SEO is the Company website, which houses all the need to know information about Your Company (informs users and has a ranked value on the internet; much like real estate).
  • Social Media: Now, your outward presence, such as brickwork, property decoration, and community (sub-division) orientation is depicted by your Social Media (provides a unique look that entices users to come into the home).
  • Content: The Content Strategy is literally everything about the house and though may not get much recognition, it is extremely important in the grand scheme of things.
  • Advocacy: Then, we have Advocacy Marketing which is comprised of strategic relationships and partnerships which are going to be great support systems that help Your Company grow much faster (think utilities, maintenance, and personal supporters).
  • Analytics: Finally, we have Analytics which tells Your Company everything that is going on within its digital sphere of influence (Think of the atmosphere within the household and the day-to-day activities)

When you think about, it makes sense with just about everything that you need a strong, impenetrable plan to keep things operating smoothly and effectively long-term. Not a bunch of broken pieces being glued together.


The Challenge

Increase the digital exposure of our client through social media to drive traffic to the company website and qualify leads.

Drive visitors to specific landing pages and services

Looking to drive new clients toward their vast service offerings, our client invested in expanding their digital media presence through social media. This approach revolved around the basis of creating a community around our client's profiles and unique value proposition. Our strategy was to make our client into a thought leader within their industry sector and community advocate.


The Solution

Create a long term strategy that would compound over time.

A compounding strategy

The V2M2 Group focused on repositioning our client's image as an agile plating and finishing manufacturer with top-of-the-line specifications and a reliably quick turn-around time.

Manner Plating wanted to equip their team with the ability to continue with our marketing strategies after the end of the campaign.

“V2M2 became an extension of our team—they kept us involved every step of the way. By keeping their actions transparent, they gave us knowledge to continue improving even after the campaign ended."

To kick things off, we begun by looking at competitors and the gaps in the market. We analyzed the gaps for healthy keywords, potential links, a longterm content marketing strategy that would prepare our client for upcoming 6-12 months.

By focusing on white hat strategies, we provided a compounding approach to their search rankings, allowing them to stay ahead in the coming years.


Create a social community of advocates and leads

Increase traffic to the company website

Grow the email subscriber list

Increase order conversions


The Results

An increase in website traffic and the creation of a thriving social media community.

Completely built up their Social Media Presence

We’re proud to say that over the course of this campaign, our client consistently grew their social media following and engagement, while also converting leads. In this time, we launched their Twitter as the main driver of engagement which as of now boasts a growth of 1350 followers in a 6-month period.

Our client has received exceptional exposure during the campaign period:

  • Impressions - 35,700
  • Engagement Rate: 1.22% (Above Industry Average of 0.046%)
  • Retweets: 26
  • Likes: 200
  • Replies: 32

Social Traffic Yielded 8x longer sessions than Paid Traffic...

V2M2 gathered additional analytics from Google to track conversions and sources of traffic to prove results and assess progress. V2M2 discovered that traffic driven to the website from social media platforms stayed on the site 8x longer than users driven from Paid Advertising and 2x as long as Organic Traffic. Social also had the lowest Bounce Rate of any other source of traffic.

  • 739 Users
  • 912 Sessions
  • 38.93% Bounce Rate
  • 1m 27sec Session Duration
  • 2,227 Pageviews
  • 2.44 Page/Sessions
  • Organic Traffic: 29.7%
  • Social Traffic: 10.1%
  • Direct Traffic: 55.6%
  • 313 Goal Conversions

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