How Our Counseling Center Client Grew Their Business with The V2M2 Group

The V2M2 Group took a Counseling and Therapy Center from no online presence to the first page of Google and a 467% Return on Marketing Investment with a fully integrated digital marketing strategy.

A Unique Approach to Your Business Challenges

The Approach

The V2M2 Group develops all of its strategies with the sustainability of your business in mind. Our strategies focus on how to utilize digital marketing to increase your bottom line while minimizing any wasteful marketing spend. By utilizing the right digital marketing components in the right capacity, the V2M2 Group maximizes the lifetime value of your current and prospective customers.

Since working with the V2M2 Group, we're outranking our more established competitors, and have opened up a third location!

Abby K.—Founder


The Challenge

A small growing counseling practice needed to be visible alongside more established competitors

Increase Visibility and Qualified Leads

With a wide range of clinical services in a crowded marketing, our client needed to increase their visibility and number of qualified prospects in order to compete with more established clinics and to remain sustainable.

Franklin Rivera, the founder and CEO of the V2M2 Group shares why the project has been so successful. "We realized that in order to outperform their competition, our client needed a comprehensive approach.. This meant developing and managing a concerted effort between all components of a digital marketing strategy. So we assembled a team for copywriting, social media marketing, SEO and marketing automation, website design and media creation. This ensured that at all times the left hand knew what the right hand was doing with respect to moving their practice visibility forward."


The Solution

Create a long term strategy that would compound over time.

A compounding strategy

The team at V2M2 wanted to reposition our client as a thought leader in their space—and after in depth research into their competing space and the demographics, we worked together to create a campaign that would see a positive return over time.

Abby wanted to develop a strategy that could be compounded over time as their business continued to grow, as opposed to a one off campaign.

“V2M2 has been instrumental in helping us grow and flourish—they kept us involved every step of the way. By keeping their actions transparent, they gave us knowledge to continue improving on our end."

To kick things off, we begun by looking at competitors and the gaps in the market. We analyzed the gaps for related high volume keywords, as well a strategic partners, gaps in social media messaging and their value proposition.

By creating a strategy that aggregates the positive impacts of SEO, social media, content and advocacy marketing, we were able to achieve amazing results in a fraction of the time of taking a singular approach.


Increase traffic to the Counseling website.

Position website on Google's first page for the optimal keywords (with no ad spend).

Increase number of qualified leads.


The Results

An increase in website traffic and overall rankings for key search terms.

151.65% Return on Marketing Investment

Our client had 1086 total actions taken over the course of a year. Actions are defined as asking for directions, website clicks and phone calls. We took the average CLV (customer lifetime value) and the average conversion rates combined for all actions to calculate the ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment). This resulted in an ROI of 151.65% and an annualized ROI of 154.01%. This ROMI takes into account the opening of a new location which lowered the annual ROMI a bit.

The monthly ROI to date is 467% percent. The new location is growing in actions taken and now has several first page Google placements.

These Results Were Gained Without Paid Advertisements

Our client has not paid a dime in Google ads or Facebook ads. All results were gained organically.

The calculated cost for CPC/PPC with the same keyword rankings would have cost our client $88,350 per month.

One Hundred Twenty First Page Google Rankings

We’re proud to say that over the course of this strategy, our client consistently tripled their monthly traffic. Optimal keywords formed the foundation for our content and social media marketing strategy.

Our client is now ranked #1 and #3 for location based keywords related to Counseling and Therapy. They are ranked ahead of their competitors and currently have 120 keywords ranked on the first page of Google. Here is a snapshot of the results.

Website Traffic Increased Greatly from Baseline

The V2M2 Group increased monthly traffic to 500 visits per month, totaling 6015 visitors to date, with 91% being new visitors.

Social Media Presence Increased Dramatically from Baseline

The V2M2 Group achieved great results across several social media platforms with a single ad spend.

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