How Our Physical Medicine Client Grew their Business with V2M2 Group

Absolute Integrated Health went from a niche medical service provider to a full-service physical medicine center that is well-known.

V2M2 Group Builds Good Marketing.

Building a successful marketing strategy is like constructing a well-designed home. The V2M2 Group, a comprehensive digital marketing agency, stands out by creating cohesive and synergistic plans that prioritize overall revenue generation for clients. Just as each element of a home - from the foundation to the roof - must work together seamlessly, our approach demonstrates that when all marketing mediums harmoniously operate in sync, client exposure flourishes and revenues soar.

  • Market Research: The initial market research can be described as the plot of land (what you build the home upon).
  • SEO: Next, is your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - the foundation of which you build the frame and structure of the marketing strategy.
  • Website Design & Management: After SEO is the website, that houses all the need-to-know information about you (informs users and has a ranked value on the internet; much like real estate).
  • Social Media: Now, your outward presence, such as brickwork and property decoration, is depicted by your social media (providing a unique look that entices users to come into the home).
  • Content: The content strategy is literally everything about the house and though may not get much recognition, it is extremely important in the grand scheme of things.
  • Advocacy: Then, we have advocacy marketing which is comprised of strategic relationships and partnerships which are going to be great support systems that help you grow much faster (think utilities, maintenance, and personal supporters).
  • Analytics: Finally, we have analytics which tells you everything that is going on within its digital sphere of influence (think of the atmosphere within the household and the day-to-day activities).

Just like building any structure, having a strong, impenetrable plan is crucial for a successful marketing strategy. It makes perfect sense that a well-thought-out blueprint would be needed to ensure smooth and effective long-term operations, rather than relying on a collection of disjointed and fragile pieces.

The Challenge

Transform a niche service facility into a well-known physical medicine brand.

Increase Visibility & Presence.

With the overwhelming number of chiropractic facilities, it was important to differentiate and establish the practice as a thought leader in the space.

Alexander Blair, Marketing Executive at V2M2 Group, had the chance to lead the organization's marketing efforts. He noted,

"V2M2 was been able to take our client from a singular focused marketing approach to one that has a multiplying effect on results by creating interdependencies between the website design, marketing automation, advocacy marketing, SEO, social media, and visual media. This has enabled Absolute Integrated Health to stand out dramatically from the rest of the competition and grow their patient base."

The Solution

Create a fully-integrated strategy that would compound over time.

A Compounding Strategy.

Our client wanted to reposition themselves as a total solution physical medicine facility -and, after in-depth research into their competing space and their various service offerings, we worked together to create a campaign that would see a positive return over time.

The owner wanted to equip his team with the ability to complement our marketing strategies for the long term.

To kick things off, we began by looking at competitors and the gaps in the market. We analyzed the gaps for healthy keywords, potential links, a long-term content marketing strategy, a social media strategy, and a pre-qualification process that would allow Absolute Integrated Health to become more efficient not only in their marketing efforts but also in its business processes.

By developing a co-dependent digital marketing strategy, we gave Absolute Integrated Health a compounding approach to increasing its visibility to stay ahead in the coming years.

Our Focus

  • Increase traffic to the website
  • Cultivate a community of advocates through social media
  • Grow the email subscriber list and pre-qualify patients
  • Establish Absolute Integrated Health as a thought leader
  • Improve the functionality of the website
  • Update services, staff registry, and back-end SEO

“I love how you are always communicating with me and my team. We feel that everything is really coming together and we can do so much more now, it's great!"

- Dr. Nakis, Absolute Integrated Health

The Results

Increased website traffic, social media presence & search rankings.

Top Rankings & Traffic.

We’re proud to say that over the course of this campaign, Absolute Integrated Health has increased its direct search results by 104%, its referral traffic by 328% and its social media traffic by 108%.


We’re proud to say that over the course of this campaign, Absolute Integrated Health has increased its direct search results by 104%, its referral traffic by 328% and its social media traffic by 108%.

A snapshot of month-over-month metrics covering Users, Sessions, Bounce Rate, and Channel analysis shows sessions have grown by 45% versus the previous month.


Lifetime Project Analytics:

  • Page Likes: 193
  • Engaged Users: 9,756
  • Organic Impressions: 41,009
  • Viral Impressions: 17,623
  • Organic Reach: 22,204
  • Viral Reach: 12,667
  • Total Organic Video Views: 328

The graph displays organic traffic on Facebook growing by 28% month over month in comparison to paid traffic by 5%. While other metrics such as page reactions have grown by 27%, comments by 58%, and shares by 24%.

As users interact heavily with our social content, the Facebook algorithm deems this content more valuable to the community and will broadcast it for more users to view.


  • Google first page ranking for 15 keyword terms
  • Google second page ranking for 4 keyword terms
  • 37 keyword terms in the Top 50 on Google

Absolute Integrated Health now has multiple keyword first page Google rankings for two locations, of which were not present before and have consistently hit conversion goals for contacts.

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